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New mobiles

Center Piece

Four wonderful mobiles are installed at the Saranac Art Projects in Spokane. They are made from bamboo and drafting paper. Floating in the gallery.These are new piece expanding on ideas I have been working with for a while. I have been exploring some new materials, and paring down to a couple of things.

Center Piece: spiral element


New drawing

Map drawing canals

Maps are starting to come out of my mind.


Who is this Cheney Cutler?

Who is this person?
Maybe it’s s challenge to what we are doing. Or not doing in this town.

What a night!

Tonight is full.

All that needs to be done is complete negotiating the schedule. Opening all around town this evening.

Trackside and Kolva/Sullivan Galleries may be the first stop.

Then off to the Garland district, and Travis’s show at Tin Man Gallery.

There is a reception for the Arcade Show of Terry Gieber’sĀ and his student’s work in the Arcade @ Gonzaga’s Jundt Gallery.

Then back over the bridge to Saranac Art Projects. Katie and Lance are showing this month. This will be interesting.

Then to Vin du Van, down the Sprauge just to the east.

I also think Shelly Williams has something going on that she has been involved with this month. It’s just down a bit more on Sprauge in the International District, Next to the Flying Pig in Object Space.

And I know there is more. So much more everywhere. But this will be enough for this evening.

Looking at the mundain

What is it about looking and thinking about looking?
I try to put together images and my eyes catch the pattern of order. I look to grasp an articulation the the beauty in daily design.
Stunning and simple.