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Working drawings for markers


This is the first set of drawings for markers or standards.  The pieces are due in later April. I am working on measured drawings and understanding how I am going to make the pieces. 

Here are some of the drawings for the next step. 



Working on watercolors for class


I am working on watercolors for spring quarter this month. It’s a good think I am practicing.  

New mobiles

Center Piece

Four wonderful mobiles are installed at the Saranac Art Projects in Spokane. They are made from bamboo and drafting paper. Floating in the gallery.These are new piece expanding on ideas I have been working with for a while. I have been exploring some new materials, and paring down to a couple of things.

Center Piece: spiral element


New drawing

Map drawing canals

Maps are starting to come out of my mind.


Who is this Cheney Cutler?

Who is this person?
Maybe it’s s challenge to what we are doing. Or not doing in this town.